The Babysitter (2017) [MOVIE REVIEW]

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Something always has to happen to babysitters in horror movies, am I right? Babysitters have been part of the horror movie for a long time. Probably the most famous would be Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) babysitting Tommy Doyle (Brian Andrews) before Michael Myers had to show up in Halloween (1978). 2017’s The Babysitter directed by McG is an amusing horror film with a twist on the babysitter experience. I really liked this film and it’s modern take on films centered around the babysitter character.

Cole (Judah Lewis) is an introverted twelve year old boy who is afraid of needles, gets bullied by kids at school and still has a babysitter when no one else his age does. His babysitter, Bee (Samara Weaving) is ideal for any boy Cole’s age; she’s tall with legs to die for, intelligent, funny and an extremely beautiful blonde bombshell. Bee can hold her own as well as we see her protect Cole when he is being bullied. Cole’s parents are going away for the weekend and Bee has been called upon to babysit as usual. Cole has it in his head to spy on Bee after bedtime due to some encouragement from his best friend Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind). Upon his spying, Cole finds that Bee invites a few friends over to socialize and that’s when things get weird. The group sacrifices one of the members for some sort of satanic blood ritual and Cole witnesses the entire thing. Now they’re after his innocent blood and Cole has to figure out how to escape this group of blood thirsty killers.

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Cole is an interesting character because usually in movies where there’s a babysitter, the babysitter is usually the one being terrorized. In The Babysitter the gender roles are reversed and our terrorizer is actually the babysitter herself. So it’s provocative to see a young boy in danger at the hands of a confident and skilled woman. Cole is sheltered, a bit naive and an all-around pure character; there’s no stereotypes of masculinity for him and that’s totally okay.

On the other hand, you also have Bee. She’s a character that looks the part of a helpless victim but she most certainly isn’t. She reverses gender roles as well since she is the one we need to be afraid of. She’s a leader and doesn’t sweat. She seems to be one step ahead of everyone and is an ultimate threat. I think it was a pretty cool idea to take a character like a babysitter and make her into a monster, and not just any monster, but a stunning and charming one. One of the reasons that The Babysitter is so fun because the main bad guy is a woman, it wouldn’t have had the same effect if the gender roles were reversed and Bee’s character was male.

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The Babysitter is an enjoyable film. Don’t go into it expecting depth and philosophy, just take it at face value for the amusing entertainment that it is. The dialogue is quick and humorous, the kills are amazing and the movie is self aware; The Babysitter doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows that it’s a play on slasher movies of the past, so you do more laughing than actual screaming. I dig the cinematography and I think that the casting was awesome, all the characters really delivered and did their part to really make this film come to life. The Babysitter is one movie I would recommend for a laugh.

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