Driven (2019) [MOVIE REVIEW]

Photo: Film Daily

If you are a cab driver, make sure you’re careful about who gets in your car with you. I learned that in Glenn Payne’s 2019 film Driven, written by and starring Casey Dillard. This is an enjoyable horror movie that can also be motivating.

Emerson Graham (Dillard) is a cab driver making her way through the night with various pickups. She’s also going through a breakup with her ex-girlfriend Jess (Maddie Ludt). In between cab rides during the night, Emerson works on her standup comedy routine as she hopes to one day get on the stage and perform. One of the people Emerson picks up is a mysterious man named Roger (Richard Speight Jr.). Roger says at first that he’s just going to some old friends and that he has to keep an eye on the time. It is later revealed that Roger is hunting demons and he needs Emerson’s help to complete his mission. The two join forces to gather what Roger needs to try and face the demons that haunt his family.

I enjoyed Dillard’s writing in Driven. I was fascinated with the exploration of Emerson throughout the movie. I appreciated that the setting took place in the car, a metaphor for Emerson’s ability to be stuck in her head. The film delves into issues such as relationships and self-actualization that are quite relatable, and Emerson’s ability to be transparent with us makes her a character that you want to care about. The quirky humor is also appreciated; you can tell that the dialogue was carefully thought out to develop the character’s growth. 

Photo: LRMOnline

Driven isn’t meant to be the scariest movie in the world, but the humorous supernatural feature with its self-assessment undertones is worth the watch. I think that it has a great female lead role and it left me feeling empowered. You won’t be hiding under the covers in fear, but you’ll at least walk away saying that you’ve seen a solid movie. I would recommend Driven as a movie to rent, enjoy!

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