Manda in the City (Part 10)

It was a Thursday afternoon and Jaxton was out collecting the mail. So was Manda, they exchange conversation with each other.

Manda: Hey neighbor!

Jaxton: Hey Manda! Howʻs it goin?

Manda: Itʻs going okay. Just working. Thought Iʻd take a break and come get the mail. How about you?

Jaxton: Iʻm just getting back in from running some errands. And Iʻm sure youʻre working hard enough.

Manda [Laughs]: Yeah Iʻm just trying to get to where I can get my own place instead of sleeping on an air bed at Tianaʻs and Milesʻ place.

Jaxton: Where are you thinking about moving to?

Manda: Iʻm thinking maybe the Arts Quarter.

Jaxton: Oh wow! I think with your creativity and skills youʻll fit in great there.

Manda: Yeah it seems like itʻs up my alley.

Jaxton: Definitely. So…Manda, are you busy Saturday?

Manda: No. Why?

Jaxton: I was wondering if you would be free to maybe grab dinner and a movie that day.

Manda remembers her conversation with Tiana about giving Jaxton a chance. Sheʻs flattered, but nervous, and she canʻt back down now.

Manda: Saturday? Sure! Iʻm down.

Jaxton: Awesome! Iʻll text you so we can figure everything out. Iʻll see you Saturday!

Manda: Great! Canʻt wait.

Manda is back at work when Tiana comes home from an interior design job. She changes into her lounging clothes and goes to sit down and catch up with Manda.

Tiana: Whatʻs going on, girl? How was your day?

Manda: It was good. Just working on the concept art for this independent movie. Guess what happened today?

Tiana: What happened?

Manda: Jaxton asked me out to dinner and a movie Saturday.

Tiana: Nah-uh! Get out! What did you say back?

Manda: I said yes. I couldnʻt chicken out after our conversation.

Tiana: Oh my God thatʻs great! Iʻm glad youʻre getting out of the house for once instead of being facedown into that sketch pad.

Manda: Iʻm kind of nervous. I havenʻt been out with a guy since Brayden and I first started dating and that was three years ago. I donʻt know what to talk about.

Miles jumped in the conversation, as he could overhear everything while running on the treadmill.

Miles: Just be yourself, Manda. You two got along like a house on fire at the restaurant. Youʻll be fine.

Manda: I guess…Iʻm just so nervous.

Miles: Nerves are natural. That means that heʻs worth your time. He must be a good guy.

Manda: I mean he does seem nice.

Tiana: Miles is right. Just be yourself and youʻll do fine. Youʻre amazing, Manda.

Manda [Laughs]: Thanks, T.

Mandaʻs phone rings and she checks it.

Manda: Itʻs Jaxton. Jaxton is texting me!

Tiana: Oh my God, whatʻs he saying?

[Text from Jaxton:]

Jaxton: Hey

Manda: Hey. Whatʻs up?

Jaxton: I hope Iʻm not texting you too late. I was thinking we could get dinner at the Mexican Restaurant we ate at and see “Halloween Kills” Saturday

Manda: Donʻt worry. I was up lol. And dinner and “Halloween Kills” sounds good. I love horror movies!

Jaxton: I know. 🙂 Well then itʻs a date I guess

Manda: I guess so 🙂

Jaxton: See you Saturday. Have a good night

Manda: Goodnight

Manda: He said…”Itʻs a date”!

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