Yʻall Wanna Hear My Jaguar Family Sims Story? (Part 3)

Things in the city of San Myshuno were working out well for Carter and Heriberto. Carter was doing well at his photography job and booking shoots as well as selling his paintings that he does in his free time on the side. Heriberto liked his job as a gardener and even started a garden on the balcony.

Carter and Heriberto were also starting to get used to being the fathers of three crying babies…

…Although they did have days where they could only get small naps in between tending to the newborns.

New Years came and went and Heriberto made a New Years resolution to challenge himself and write a childrenʻs book to dedicate to Hunter, Shane, and Lola. Writing a book was also a way for him to battle his depression which he had been succeeding in fighting.

Carter was out getting the mail one day and he saw one of his favorite people, Olive, heading inside her apartment.

Carter: Olive!

Olive: Carter!

Carter: Iʻm glad you passed me! Do you have a second to come inside?

Olive: Yeah, I do. What is it? Do you need help with the babies?

Carter: No! I have something for you. Come, itʻll only take a second.

Olive: Okay!

Carter: I had an apartment key made for you and Emma. I want you to have this. You guys do so much for me and Heriberto and the kids.

Olive: Aw! Thank you Carter! Iʻm so flattered that you trust us with such a responsibility. Weʻll handle this with care.

Carter: You guys are our best friends. We love you.

Olive: Thank you, Carter.

They hug.

Olive: Alright Iʻve got to go clean the apartment. Iʻll talk to you tomorrow?

Carter: Or you can just come by whenever you want.

Olive [Laughs]: Noted. See you later Carter!

It was the middle of the week and Olive said that she would watch the babies while Carter and Heriberto got out of the house. They went to a bar in Carterʻs old neighborhood to unwind.

Heriberto: Are you enjoying yourself?

Carter: Yeah. Iʻm just thinking.

Heriberto: Thinking about what?

Carter: The future?

Heriberto: Good or bad?

Carter [Laughs]: Good of course. Iʻm just thinking of expanding our horizons.

Heriberto: Can you expand on that?

Carter: Iʻm just thinking of things we can do with the kids.

Heriberto [Laughs]: Carter they canʻt even talk yet.

Carter: Yeah, but itʻs good to start planning these things early. How do you feel about taking Shane, Hunter, and Lola to Mt. Komorebi when theyʻre older? They could learn the culture, and we can teach them a skill like skiing.

Heriberto: I like that idea. But you donʻt even know how to ski now [Laughs].

Carter: I know, but I figure itʻs something we could all learn together as a family.

Heriberto: Iʻm okay with that. We can start saving now for it. A trip like that isnʻt cheap.

Carter: I know! Thatʻs why Iʻm thinking about it now! [Laughs] We both are early in our careers, we were fortunate that my parents put the down payment down on the apartment to help us get started but maintaining it isnʻt exactly easy right now. Iʻm thinking that this is something that weʻll have to save for for a few years.

Heriberto: Okay. Whatever you want to do, Iʻm with you on it.

Carter: Thatʻs why I chose you to be my husband.

It was a usual Saturday and neighbors Olive and Emma came over to keep Carter and Heriberto company as they watched the kids. They were doing their weekly catch up.

Emma: How was the bar the other night with Heriberto?

Carter: It was fun. Just what we needed. Heriberto has been working hard to try and get a promotion. Howʻs my brother?

Emma: Heʻs good! Iʻm glad that I made a good impression on your parents at Christmas. Maybe thatʻll encourage Kolby to want to move forward with things. I really like him.

Carter: Be patient with him. I know Kolby has never really had an interest in dating and has preferred being single most of his life, so having a partner is probably scary to him to some degree. It might take him longer to process commitment.

Emma [Laughs]: Iʻm not giving up on him. Olive, you had an audition for a role this week, why donʻt you tell Carter how it went?

Olive: I got the part! Itʻs just a background extra role though.

Carter: Still! Thatʻs great! Youʻll move up in your acting career in no time and be casted as a main character soon. Just keep showing up and auditioning.

Olive: Yeah, I start an acting class next week.

Carter: Really? See! Youʻre applying yourself!

Olive: Iʻm doing everything I can.

Carter: Speaking of doing everything we can, Heriberto and I have decided to take the kids to Mt. Komorebi to learn the culture and how to ski as a family when theyʻre older. Weʻre doing everything we can to save for our first trip.

Olive: Oh yeah? Mt. Komorebi sounds like so much fun! Itʻs smart to start saving now. Thatʻs such exciting news, I want this for you guys!

Carter: Thank you! Iʻm excited too!

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