Manda in the City (Part 12)

Manda had saved up enough money to start looking for apartments in the Arts Quarter.

She was having dinner when she got a text from Jaxton.

[Text from Jaxton:]

Jaxton: I was thinking dinner at The Old Salt House Saturday?

Manda: Sounds good 🙂

Saturday came around and the two met up for dinner.

Manda: Howʻs your week been?

Jaxton: Itʻs been pretty busy. I had a lot of substituting jobs this week. While Iʻm glad to have the work, it can be pretty hard not to get confused on the different lesson plans the teachers leave for me to work on with the students.

Manda: Sounds like itʻs a job that requires a lot of organization.

Jaxton: Yeah. It does. How was your week?

Manda: Busy too. Been working on concept art for an independent film. Also started looking at apartments in the Arts Quarter. I found some nice ones in my price range. I applied for one that I really liked.

Jaxton: Really? Thatʻs great! I hope they consider you.

Manda: Yeah, me too. Seen any good movies lately?

Jaxton: I just got “Do the Right Thing” from The Criterion Collection a few days ago.

Manda: Oh, nice! I love Spike Lee! Heʻs so bold. “Do the Right Thing” is a classic! Is that your favorite Spike Lee film?

Jaxton: Yeah. Yours?

Manda: Mine is “Sheʻs Gotta Have It”. I just feel like Nola Darling embodies the concept that a woman is free to explore her sexuality like a man would. Itʻs empowering and enlightening.

Jaxton: Great film. We should have a Spike Lee movie night when you move into your new place!

Manda [Laughs]: Thatʻs if I move in. I havenʻt been approved for anything yet. But sure. Iʻd be up for that.

[Manda smiles]

The two have an amazing dinner together and when theyʻre about to leave Jaxton stops Manda.

Jaxton: One more thing, Manda. I have something for you.

Manda: Me? Oh my God, thank you Jaxton! You didnʻt have to!

Jaxton: I wanted to. I hope you like it.

Manda opens the gift to reveal a painting.

Jaxton: Itʻs a painting to hang up when you get a place. I thought it would be fitting since youʻll be in the Arts Quarter. For inspiration.

Manda: I love it! Thank you so much!

Manda gives Jaxton a hug goodnight.

Two months had gone by and Manda and Jaxton were still seeing each other. Since Manda went through a divorce recently they were taking things slow. They hadnʻt even had their first kiss yet. One afternoon Jaxton was over the apartment watching TV with Manda.

While watching TV with Jaxton, Manda was checking her emails. One email in particular caught her eye.

Manda: YES!

Jaxton: Whatʻs up?

Manda: I just saw an email from management for one of the apartments I applied to move into. I passed their background check. I can make a deposit to move in!

Jaxton: Hell yeah! Thatʻs amazing! Iʻm so happy for you!

Manda: This is great! Iʻm so excited!

Jaxton: This is going to be an exciting new chapter for you!

Manda: Iʻm glad youʻre in it with me.

Jaxton: Me too.

Manda excitedly pulls Jaxton in for their first embrace.

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