Yʻall Wanna Hear My Jaguar Family Sims Story? (Part 4)

Kolby was still hard at work as a civic archivist with his eyes on another promotion. He also wanted to change the neighborhood action plans so that he could vote for more green initiatives to make the environment cleaner. He needed to get a neighborhood action plan repealed so that he could vote a new plan into action. Kolby planned on canvassing Evergreen Harbor when voting was in session to get some repeal signatures.

He still hadnʻt cemented his commitment to Emma and made her his girlfriend yet, but they were still having a good time together. They had been seeing each other for four months at this point. Kolby and Emma had a night off so they made plans to go to the bowling alley.

Kolby: Enjoying your coquito?

Emma [Laughs]: Are you making fun of me because Iʻm drinking a coquito even though Christmas was months ago?

Kolby [Laughs back]: I mean if youʻre still in the holiday spirit then be my guest! But the rest of us are here in February.

Emma: Anyway! Whatʻs going on with the repeal signatures?

Kolby: Iʻve been to town to try and get signatures to repeal the Roughhousing Encouraged neighborhood action plan but no one is willing to sign. People in Evergreen Harbor love to fight each other for some reason.

Emma: Yeah, beating the shit out of each other really brings the city together…Iʻm sure there are people who think like you who want to see change in the neighborhood.

Kolby: Youʻre right. Iʻll keep trying again next week. Now, ready to get your ass kicked in bowling?

Emma: Bring it on!

Kolby and Emma play a game of bowling and Emma wins. They go back to Kolbyʻs apartment.

Emma and Kolby make it back to his apartment to hang out for the rest of the night.

Kolby: Emma…I have something that I wanna talk to you about.

Emma: What is it?

Kolby: Well first I just want to thank you for being so patient with me. Dating isnʻt something that Iʻm good at and I needed to get to a place with myself where I felt ready to move things further along. I really like you Emma, youʻre amazing. Thereʻs no one else like you. With that said I was wondering if you would be willing to make things official with me and be my girlfriend?

Emma: Oh my God, Kolby. Of course!

Kolby grabs Emma and kisses her passionately.

The two spend the night together.

And they spend their first night sleeping in together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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