Manda in the City (Part 13)

Manda had officially moved into her new apartment in the Arts Quarter.

Although the apartment was small and needed some fixing up, Manda was happy to be living on her own. Tiana, Miles, and Jaxton helped her move in.

Manda: Thanks guys for helping me move in! I really appreciate it!

Tiana: No problem! Anything for you, Manda. You know we love you!

Manda: Well Iʻm grateful to have you guys. I know the place is small and needs some new furniture and maintenance, but I canʻt believe that Iʻm living in the Arts Quarter!

Jaxton: Youʻre living your dream and I couldnʻt be happier for you.

Miles: Manda, can I show you something in the kitchen? You might want to check this out.

Miles and Manda go into the kitchen while everyone is watching the movie.

Manda: Whatʻs up?

Miles: So you know that Tiana and I have been dating for a few years right?

Manda: Yeah…

Miles: Well I was thinking about proposing. What do you think?

Manda: I think itʻs a great idea! You guys are perfect for each other!

Miles: Iʻm really nervous.

Manda: When are you think about doing it?

Miles: Well weʻre going out next weekend to celebrate her new promotion, I was thinking about asking her then.

Manda: I love it! Iʻm so happy for you! Sheʻs going to say “Yes”!

Miles: You think so?

Manda: I know so. Iʻm so happy for you. Congratulations!

[Manda gives Miles a hug]

Manda: Alright letʻs go back to watching the movie before T getʻs suspicious.

The weekend came and Miles and Tiana went out to eat at The Old Salt House.

Miles: Congratulations to the most beautiful woman in the world for landing yet another promotion!

Tiana [Laughs]: Thanks baby. I couldnʻt have done it without the support of the best boyfriend in the world.

Miles: Well I try. Congratulations, baby. Iʻm so proud of you. So what does this new position entail?

Tiana: Well Iʻm a Building Space Planner now. Which means that Iʻm trusted to do renovations for commercial businesses. So like bars and restaurants will now be my clients in addition to private homes.

Miles: Thatʻs awesome! My baby has an interior design gift and sheʻs sharing it with the world!

Tiana: And youʻre doing great at work too, baby. Youʻre going to make the team in no time.

Miles: Letʻs hope so.

Tiana: Itʻs going to happen. And then maybe then we can start thinking about leaving the city and looking for houses in Newcrest.

Miles: We can definitely do that.

After dinner Miles and Tiana took a walk around the city to get some air and look at the street art.

Miles: Having a good time, baby?

Tiana: Yeah. This has been a great evening.

Miles: Well thereʻs something else that I want to talk to you about…

Tiana: What is it?

Miles stands up from the bench.

Miles: Tiana Blue, over the five years that weʻve been together there has never been another person that I ever thought about spending the rest of my life with. Baby, I love you so much. You are my entire world. So Iʻm asking you tonight…will you be Mrs. Tiana Johnson?

Tiana: What took you so long!? Yes, baby! Yes! Of course I will!

Tiana: Iʻm gonna be Mrs. Miles Johnson!

Miles: Yes you are!

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