Manda in the City (Part 14)

Manda was at her apartment working when her phone rang.

Manda: Hello?

Tiana: M! Guess what?!

Manda: What happened, T?

Tiana: Miles proposed! And I said “Yes”! Iʻm getting married!

Manda: Holy shit! Thatʻs awesome, T! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Tiana: Thank you! Iʻm so happy!

Manda: Iʻm happy for you! So how did Miles do it?

Tiana: Well last night we went to dinner at The Old Salt House to celebrate my promotion. Then after dinner we walked around the neighborhood and then while we were looking at some street art he got down on one knee and proposed!

Manda: I LOVE that! Thatʻs so sweet! Miles is a real good guy. Heʻs lucky to have you in his life.

Tiana: I feel like Iʻm the lucky one.

Manda: You both are lucky to have each other.

Tiana: Oh my God! I have an entire wedding to plan!

Manda [Laughs]: Take your time! You donʻt have to have everything done by tomorrow, remember this is all at your pace. You and Miles are getting married, it should be when you guys are ready.

Tiana: Will you help me plan all of this, M? I canʻt do this alone.

Manda: Of course I will!

Tiana: Thank you, Manda. I love you!

Manda: I love you too!

Tiana: Well I gotta go…Talk to you later?

Manda: Iʻll text you!

Tiana: Okay! Bye girl!

Manda: Bye!

That afternoon Jaxton and Manda went to the art museum nearby Mandaʻs new apartment.

Jaxton: How was your day?

Manda: It was good! Did some work. Tiana called, she and Miles got engaged!

Jaxton: Oh wow! Thatʻs awesome! Good for them!

Manda: Yeah Iʻm super excited for them. Theyʻre going to start the cutest family.

Jaxton: Yeah they definitely will.

Manda: What about you? How was your day?

Jaxton: It was pretty chill. Just straightened up my side of the apartment while watching movies.

Manda: What movies did you watch?

Jaxton: “The Lost Boys” and “Midsommar”.

Manda: Great films! Jealous!

Jaxton: Yeah it was a good time. Want to go and blow some bubbles?

Manda: Sure!

The couple went and blew doubles together on the bubble machine and had a good time.

Manda and Jaxton went back to her apartment and to Jaxtonʻs surprise Manda went in for their first kiss.

Manda grabs Jaxton by the hand and guides him to her bedroom.

Jaxton: Manda, are you sure?

Manda: I am.

Jaxton and Manda spend their first night together.

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