Manda in the City (Part 15)

A couple months had passed since Manda and Jaxton had become official and Brayden was settling into his new role as a father. He now had a baby girl named Ellie.

Brayden had worked things out with Aylin and not only did they get back together, but they got engaged.

Although Brayden was becoming a family man, he still didnʻt leave his criminal past behind. Feeling the pressures of providing for his family, Brayden joined the Hardwoods gang and was doing business for them.

Part of being in the Hardwoods gang meant that Brayden had to do things like steal, rob, extortion, and intimidate people into giving him money to contribute to his bosses. It was also rumored that Brayden had something to do with the disappearance of Mortimer Goth.

Brayden would have the Hardwood gang come over for gatherings and talk strategy.

Brayden would go to the bar and smash bottles over the staffʻs head to intimidate them into paying their share to be protected by the Hardwoods.

And if anyone tried to stop him they would face a vicious assault.

Brayden was quickly rising as one of Oasis Springs baddest criminals.

Aylin had her concerns about Brayden, but she understood that he was just doing what in his mind was everything he could do to provide for his new family.

Aylin: Going out with the Hardwoods tonight?

Brayden: Yeah, we have some stuff that we have to take care of. Iʻm gonna be home late. Donʻt wait up.

Aylin: Okay. Well thereʻs takeout in the refrigerator for when you come home.

Brayden: Thanks babe. Youʻre the best.

Aylin: Just be safe, okay? You have Ellie to think of now.

Brayden: Baby, I do this for Ellie. And you.

Aylin: Alright well Iʻm gonna go try to put Ellie to bed. I love you.

Brayden: I love you too.

Brayden came home in the early hours of the morning.

Brayden didnʻt realize it at first but someone was behind him. Clayton Wiseman, a hired gunman for the Goth family. Wiseman draws his shotgun and aims it at Brayden.

Clayton: This is for Mortimer Goth, motherfucker.

Brayden: Eat shit, asshole.

Wiseman pulls the trigger and shoots Brayden dead.

Braydenʻs life had come to a tragic end.

Aylin waited until the gunman left to go outside and see her fiancéʻs body outside. She was in hysterics, but quickly realized that she had a daughter inside to protect. She grabbed Ellie and went to stay with a friend for the night.

It had been three days since Brayden was killed. It was hitting Aylin hard. Although things were rocky between her and Brayden she had lost her one true love, and she was going to have to raise their baby on a part time baristaʻs salary by herself. She knew she would have to let Manda know even though she wasnʻt looking forward to the conversation.

Manda was at home working on a project when her phone rang.

Manda: Hello?

Aylin: Manda?

Manda: Yes. Who is this?

Aylin: This is Braydenʻs fiancé, Aylin. Please donʻt hang up.

Manda: What do you want Aylin?

Aylin: Manda this isnʻt easy for me to say but…

Aylin: …Brayden is dead. He was killed last week.

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