Manda in the City (Part 16)

After hearing the news of Braydenʻs death, Manda called Jaxton over to grieve.

Jaxton: Iʻm so sorry about Brayden, Manda.

Manda [Crying]: I just canʻt believe that heʻs gone.

Jaxton: I know.

Manda: I know that he was awful to me. I know that he was worse to others. But I always thought he could change. I never wanted to see him end up killed.

Jaxton: No one wanted to see that. Iʻm sorry. Will there be a funeral?

Manda: Yes. This Friday. Iʻm going to go, but I think I want to go alone. I just feel it would be disrespectful to bring my current boyfriend to my ex-husbandʻs funeral.

Jaxton: I completely understand. Iʻll be here if you need me for anything.

Manda: Thank you.

Friday came around and Manda went to say a final goodbye to Brayden.

Manda: Hello Brayden. I never wanted to say goodbye to you this way, but I guess weʻre not the dictators of how life works. Brayden I want you to know that I never hated you. I always believed that you could change. You never did though, and now youʻve left a family behind because of that. Iʻm not here to shame you. Iʻm really not. I just needed to see with my own eyes that you were really gone. You did what you believed in your mind was right to provide for your family whether I agreed with it or not. I hope that you find peace wherever you are now. Rest In Peace Brayden. Goodbye.

Aylin approaches Manda.

Aylin: Thank you for coming, Manda.

Manda: Thank you for allowing me to be here.

Aylin: Look, Manda…I know that things between us are complicated because of Brayden. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for everything and I wish things couldʻve been different between us.

Manda: I appreciate the apology. And Iʻm sorry for your loss.

Aylin: Would you like to come in and meet Ellie? Sheʻs the one gift Brayden left behind.

Manda [Smiles]: Sure.

Manda and Aylin head inside and she hands Manda baby Ellie.

Manda: Hello Ellie. Iʻm Manda. You have your daddyʻs smile.

Jaxton was waiting for Manda to return back at the apartment.

Jaxton: How did it go?

Manda: Well, it was rough being there but I got to say goodbye.

Jaxton: Good. Thatʻs whatʻs important.

Manda: Yeah, and I guess Aylin and I mended things between us.

Jaxton: Really?

Manda: Yeah. She introduced me to their daughter Ellie. Cute baby.

Jaxton: Well Iʻm glad it wasnʻt a bad decision to go.

Manda: Yeah. I think I was finally able to begin a path to true closure on everything between Brayden, Aylin, and me. Although Brayden had to lose his life and in such a terrible way. I think Iʻm on a journey where Iʻm free to live my own life.

Jaxton: This life is what you make it now.

Manda: Yeah, it is. And Iʻm happy that I can make this life with you.

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