Manda in the City (Part 17)

Tiana came over to hang out with Manda and go do a little shopping at the comic book store.

The two women went down to the local comics shop to buy some graphic novels and play some games while catching up.

Manda: So how does it feel being a bride-to-be?

Tiana [Laughs]: Stressful. Thereʻs so much I never considered. Like choosing the appetizers. Like…what?

Manda: You know Iʻm always here for anything you need wedding related. I gotchu.

Tiana: Thanks, M. Iʻve set a date!

Manda: Oh yeah? What day can I expect my RSVP for?

Tiana: April 6th.

Manda: Wow next Spring…Say less. Iʻm there.

Tiana: Thereʻs something I wanted to ask you, M.

Manda: Sure, What is it?

Tiana: Manda, youʻre my best friend and I love you so much. I was wondering if you would be my maid of honor for the wedding?

Manda: ABSOLUTELY! Iʻd be honored to, T!

Tiana: Thanks a lot Manda. Youʻre amazing.

A couple of months passed and Manda was feeling a bit sick. she went to the doctor to see what was going on with her. She found out that she was pregnant.

Manda was nervous because she and Jaxton never discussed having any kids together or even taking their relationship to a higher level. This was quite a surprise for Manda. Although a happy accident, she knew that she wanted to keep the baby, it was just a matter of explaining that to Jaxton. It was the weekend and Jaxton came over to spend the next two nights with Manda. They were getting ready for bed when Manda asked Jaxton if he could sit down so that she could talk to him about something.

Jaxton: Whatʻs up?

Manda: Look, I donʻt really know how to say this…but Iʻm pregnant. And Iʻm going to keep the baby.

Jaxton: Wow…

Manda: I know thatʻs a lot to take in…

Jaxton: Yeah. This is. Are you sure youʻre pregnant?

Manda: Yes. I got my test results from the doctor.

Jaxton: …Okay…Well…Iʻm a bit surprised…but I guess weʻre gonna have a baby, baby!

Manda: Oh my God, youʻre not upset?

Jaxton: No! Why would I be? This is exciting! Soon, but exciting!

Manda: Youʻre the best. I love you.

Jaxton: I love you too.

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