Manda in the City (Part 18)

Manda is well into her pregnancy. She is around six months pregnant and concerned about her surroundings in the cramped apartment. She decided to have a conversation with Jaxton.

Manda: Babe, what do you think about moving?

Jaxton: Iʻm open to hearing where this is going…

Manda: Well…I mean…this apartment is shitty. It was shitty even for me to have been living here when I was alone. There are roaches, rats, leaky pipes that freeze in the winter time, and the electricity is busted. Plus this place is a one bedroom. We canʻt fit a baby in here. I wouldnʻt want to bring a baby here.

Jaxton: I can understand that. You make good points. Where would you want to move?

Manda: If we could stay in the art district that would be great. I just donʻt know if a two bedroom is in our budget with how expensive things are here. Anywhere reasonable that we can afford, really. And we canʻt be too far away from Tiana and Miles.

Jaxton: Well we can start looking. You realize that this only gives us three months to find a new place and move before the baby comes, right?

Manda: Yeah, Iʻve just been so busy working before I have to take time off to have the baby. I kinda let it slip my mind. Iʻm sorry.

Jaxton: Itʻs okay. Weʻll find something.

Manda and Jaxton werenʻt having much luck finding a new place in the city. Most of the apartments around were full and the ones that were available were out of their price range. They had to start looking in other cities, which brought the couple to Tartosa; a town on the coast about fifty miles from San Myshuno. Buying a house started to become more of a reality for Manda and Jaxton since they now were becoming a bigger family. The long term investment just seemed like a good idea instead of renting in the city. They found a small two bedroom house for sale and went to check it out.

Jaxton: Well how do you feel about the house?

Manda: I love it! Itʻs already furnished for a toddler. I think this would be a great investment.

Jaxton: Itʻs definitely more quiet out here. We would be at the top of the hill away from the neighbors. Is that okay?

Manda: From what I understand, the townspeople all talk in the center square between the wedding cake store and the flower shop. When can get numbers and if we need a neighbor just give them a call.

Jaxton: And what about Tiana and Miles?

Manda: An hour drive apart isnʻt too bad. I was thinking anything over three hours would be too much.

Jaxton: So all around, the house gets a thumbs up?

Manda: A big thumbs up.

Jaxton and Manda went through with buying the house and soon after moved in and became residents of Tartosa. They couldnʻt be happier. They finally found a new home just in time for the new addition to their family.

Manda and Jaxton threw a housewarming party/baby shower and invited all their friends over. Even Chandler showed up.

Tiana was there as well. Manda was so happy to see her best friend. They had been working together planning Tianaʻs wedding however Manda hadnʻt been as present as usual since she was dealing with the move. The two took this time to pick up right where they left off.

Tiana: Manda Iʻm so excited for this new chapter in your life! A new house and a baby! This is awesome! Iʻm proud of you.

Manda: Thank you! Considering where my life was one year ago, I canʻt believe how great things are going. I never thought I could be so happy!

Tiana: You deserve every bit of happiness.

Manda: Thank you! And so do you. How is everything going with the wedding? Sorry that I havenʻt been as hands on. I had to focus on getting moved in before the baby comes. But Iʻm back to being focused on you!

Tiana: Thank you so much! I love you, M.

They finish up the night by catching up some more.

One night Manda was getting ready for bed and suddenly experienced a pain unlike anything she had ever felt. She was certain it was a contraction.

She called Jaxton into the bathroom.

Jaxton: Whatʻs wrong baby?

Manda: I think the baby is coming.

Jaxton: Shit! Itʻs time?! Letʻs get you to the hospital!

Jaxton packs an overnight bag and takes Manda to the hospital.

Jaxton got Manda to the hospital and she was correct, she was in fact in labor. She was 1cm dilated.

There was nothing Manda could really do except walk around the hospital, sleep, and eat until she was fully dilated. Jaxton stayed by her side.

It was time for Manda to get her epidural. It was painful, but after receiving it she felt that her contractions were less intense. She was completely numb.

Manda was finally fully dilated after 28 hours of labor. It was time for her to push.

Keep pushing, Manda. Youʻre almost there!” The doctor said to Manda. She was exhausted, but also excited to meet her new baby. Manda continued to push. “One more push!” Manda used all her energy to give one last push. Then suddenly she could hear an infant cry. Manda heard the doctor say, “Congratulations! Itʻs a girl!“. Manda and Jaxton had a baby girl.

Jaxton: Babe, you did it! Iʻm so proud of you!

Manda: We made a baby girl!

Jaxton: Our baby girl. What do you want to name her?

Manda: If it was a boy I chose Quentin, if I had a girl I wanted to name her Lyric.

Jaxton: Lyric. I love that.

Manda: Yeah. Our Lyric. Welcome to the world baby Lyric.

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